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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tips To Create A Good Impression

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and everybody knows that. No matter if you want to stand out from the crowd during a job interview or you just want to impress somebody you have just met, it is important to pay attention to several critical factors that will surely influence other people’s opinions about you. Here are 10 great and efficient tips that will help you make yourself liked:

10. Work On Your Greeting

Your greeting is essential and it can have a tremendous impact on the impression other people have about you: your greeting can make you or break you, and it is important to greet people depending on their cultural background. Always smile and speak with warmth and kindness – in some countries, greeting involves a kiss on the cheek while in other countries, a handshake should be enough. It is important to adapt your greeting depending on the situation.

9. Your Attire Is Also Important

Everybody says that you must never judge a book by its covers, and that is correct – unfortunately, this does not always apply to people, as people tend to judge other people depending on the way they look and dress. Your attire and your accessories can influence your image and reflect your personal style and creativity. This is a “weapon” that you can use in your best interest, but if you do not know where to start from, then a personal stylist will surely help you out.

8. Be Natural And Do Not Try To Hide Your Flaws Too Much

When you are not acting natural and you try too hard to make a good first impression, people can tell that you are stressed and this will have exactly the opposite effect. Keep in mind that you do not need to look flawless all the time and that people can never achieve perfection no matter how hard they try. Do not leave the impression that you are a robot who always struggles to make it look perfect!

7. Do Not Neglect Your Grooming

Your clothes are worth nothing if you are not well-groomed, this is why it is important to have a fresh and beautiful haircut, to have your nails clean and beautiful and to be clean overall.

6. Avoid Meeting New People When You Are In A Bad Mood

We all have our good days and our bad days, this is why it is extremely important to avoid meeting new people if you are in a bad mood. When you are in a bad mood, your communication and interpersonal skills are affected and you can be grumpy – nobody likes a grumpy person, as this will reflect in both your body language and in your facial expressions.

5. Pay Attention To The Body Language

Communication is a very complex process, as it involves two aspects: verbal and non-verbal communication. When it comes to verbal communication, it is important to speak clearly and to make yourself heard. Non-verbal communication is a bit more complex than that and it involves hand shaking, eye contact, body language and so on.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

It often happens that when we meet new people, we tend to have high expectations about them, just to be disappointed soon after that. In the end, it is better not to have any expectations at all and to be pleasantly surprised than the other way round. Remember that you will never manage to please everybody no matter how hard you try!

3. Be Yourself

Everybody is unique in their own way, this is why it is very important to be yourself and to never copy the style of another person. Nobody likes a person who does not have his or her own style and personality, and genuine people are more likely to leave a good first impression!

2. Remember The Name Of The Person You Are Talking To

There is nothing more bothersome for your chat partner than having to repeat their name two or three times before you memorize it, so make sure to remember it the first time they introduce themselves!

1. Always Be There On Time

Punctuality is another extremely important aspect that you must not neglect, and you must always do your best to be there on time. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to reach the meeting spot several minutes earlier – it is better to be safe than to be sorry, not to mention that traffic can be a nightmare sometimes!

Tips For Women To Look Young

Every woman wants to look young and attractive, and for a good reason – when you look good, you feel even better! However, while some women resort to plastic surgery to correct their flaws and to hide the signs of aging, others just use smart tricks to conceal their flaws and to emphasize on their qualities. Having said that, here are several useful tips and hints that will make you look a lot younger than your age:

10. Stop Wearing Too Much Black

While it is true that black can trim your figure and emphasize on your waist, one of the biggest mistakes older women tend to make is that they wear too much black. Colorful outfits are lively and they will make you look 10 to 15 years younger – in the end, looking young requires a combination of both clothing and attitude, and that is exactly what you need. Wearing too much black can make your wrinkles look more prominent, and you surely do not want that.

9. Wear The Right Bra For Your Age And Breast Size

Another common mistake women make is that they do not wear the right bra. It is known that as you age, breasts tend to become saggy – this is why you must avoid wearing loose bras, otherwise they will make your breasts look even saggier.

8. Wear The Right Glasses

Glasses are certainly helpful for your eyesight, but with a touch of style you can turn them into an indispensable fashion accessory that will surely make you look and feel younger, especially if you have under-eye bags and circles that you want to disguise. Avoid wearing thick frames and focus on fashion eyewear instead. Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors until you find the one that truly meets your needs!

7. Avoid Shoes And Clothes That Make You Look Short And Fat

Another essential fashion tip that you need to take into account if you want to look younger is to dress taller – wear heels (they do not need to be six-inch heels, just some small heels that will make your legs stand out) and opt for pants or dresses that will elongate your legs. Avoid chunky shoes as they will make you look shorter and they will make your ankles fatter as well.

6. Wear Midi Or Even Short Dresses

Who said that you can no longer wear short dresses as you age? Another common mistake is wearing only long dresses that entirely cover your legs. The legs are a certainly one of the woman’s best assets, and you do not need to hide them. Make sure to choose the type of skirt that flatters your shape the most.

5. Watch Your Posture

Your posture is extremely important, as it can make you look younger and slimmer as well – as a matter of fact, you can look slimmer by up to 10 pounds by simply standing straight when you walk and talk. Learn how to keep your head and your shoulders straight, as this will make you look better and it will prevent the bothersome back pain as well.

4. Shapewear Is Your Friend

Shapewear is extremely important if you want to look good, especially if you have a saggy tummy that you are trying to flatten. On the other hand, bulky thighs are another common problem that mature women confront with – if this is your case as well, then shapewear can certainly help you hide your flaws.

3. Make Sure Your Skin Looks Young And Radiant

Part of a woman’s beauty is her skin – your skin must look young, wrinkle-free, radiant and healthy. This is why it is important to use various anti-wrinkle creams for your face and to keep your body skin properly moisturized as well. Use body lotions and make sure to drink enough water in order to prevent dehydration, as it is known that a dehydrated skin is more likely to wrinkle.

2. Wear A Scarf That Complements Your Overall Attire And Hides Your Turtleneck

Saggy neck skin is another side effect of aging, and this is commonly referred to as the turtleneck. While it is true that a neck lift can work like magic on your neck, it is better to opt for scarves that will hide it and make you look good at the same time. A scarf is very flattering and practical at the same time, and it will surely keep you warm during the cold winter months as well.

1. Invest In Your Hair!

Your hair is also extremely important, so make sure it is healthy, long, shiny and it has a pleasant glow. Invest in high-quality hair care products and don’t be afraid to try a new hair color every now and then!

Most Expensive Cars Of 2013

Over the past few years, the automotive industry has developed a lot: cars got faster, more secure, more luxurious and ultimately, a lot more expensive than they used to be. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for expensive cars to cost up to several million dollars, but many claim that this is surely a great long-term investment. Here is a deeper insight into the top 10 most expensive cars of 2013:

10. Porsche Spyder

Porsche is certainly one of the most appreciated car manufacturers, and the Spyder model is very sought-after these days. If you are a fan of this car model, then you can purchase it for approximately $850,000. What makes the Porsche Spyder stand out from the rest is that it can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds, a performance that not many cars are able to reach nowadays! If you think this is an expensive car, wait until you see the following models.

9. The McLaren P1

McLaren-P1-01 (1)
Produced by the popular English automotive manufacturer McLaren, the McLaren P1 comes with a price tag of little over one million dollars, and this is basically a hybrid supercar that has a 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine and over 900 horsepower. This can be considered a fast and efficient Formula 1 car, and although it can get you to 60 mph in less than three seconds just like the Porsche Spyder, the car’s top speed is of only 217 miles per hour.

8. La Ferrari By Ferrari

Ferrari is another popular car manufacturer that has made a name for itself by providing elegant, luxurious and high-speed car models. This also applies to the La Ferrari model – if you want to have one in your garage, you will need to pay up to $1.3 million for it. With over 780 horsepower, the La Ferrari comes with a KERS system and it allows you to accelerate to 120 miles per hour in no more than 7 seconds. This car is certainly a masterpiece from all points of view!

7. Maybach Landaulet

With a price tag of no less than $1.4 million, the Maybach Landaulet is surely worthy of a place in the list of top 10 most expensive cars in the world. With a V12 engine and a twin-turbo transmission, the Landaulet weighs over 7,000 lbs, it has a power of little over 600 MP and it is surely a stylish and fashionable car.

6. Pagani Huayra


Common Reasons Why People Resign From Job

There are many reasons why employees resign from their jobs: while some of them are looking for a job that is truly challenging and allows them to use their skills, talent and knowledge at the fullest, others simply want to achieve the financial independence they are craving for. Here are the top 10 most common reasons why people quit their job:

10. They Do Not Get Along With Their Boss

This is by far the most common reason, as nobody wants a patronizing boss who never appreciates their effort. Even though you cannot stand your boss, it is important to be respectful and to try and have a good relationship with him – however, if you have tried that and it did not work out, then resignation is certainly the only option you have left.

9. Employees Feel That Their Current Job Is Not Challenging Enough

Another very common reason why so many people resign from their current job is simply because they do not feel challenged enough, they feel like they cannot put their skills and formal training to good use and be paid accordingly. In that case, most of them focus on jobs that allow them to advance and to become the best versions of themselves!

8. Some People Crave For Independence

While some people are fine with the classic 9 to 5 schedule and they can do their office work for years, others have had enough of it and decided to go independent. In another words, many people resign from their jobs because they want to be freelancers, as this allows them to be their own bosses.

7. The Company Has Too Many Rules

It is true that every company (regardless of its size) has its own culture and rules, but sometimes when a company sets too many rules, the employees may feel restricted – in that case, the employee may choose to resign and to focus on a more liberal company where they can truly be themselves, without worrying about crossing the line and being penalized for it.

6. The Company Does Not Recognize Their Job Performance

Recognition and compensation are extremely important for every employee, as this is how they feel valued, respected and appreciated. However, when an employee’s job performance is not properly recognized, they tend to leave the company they are currently working for, and for a good reason! Every employee is looking for job satisfaction, and part of it is given by employee activities combined with corporate events and common team building efforts that make them feel appreciated.

5. Favoritism

Unfortunately, favoritism is extremely common amongst certain companies these days, and when the employees have enough of it they simply choose to resign. For instance, if the management gives certain employees better offices or higher compensation packages, the other employees who are less appreciated (although they are given the same workload and have the same job performance) will, most likely, resign from their job.

4. Employees Feel Like They Have No Future In That Company

It is human nature to try and improve ourselves, but when we feel that we cannot advance on the success ladder in a certain organization, we tend to focus on a company that truly offers us the opportunity for career advancement.

3. Lack Of Motivation

Having the same job for tens of years can be redundant and boring, this is why the lack of motivation can determine many people to resign from their current job. People want to feel constantly challenged, they want to put their skills to good use and the lack of effective motivation can make them feel restrained. That, combined with an underpaid performance leads to the recipe for resignation!

2. The Job Is Not Secure Enough

Nobody likes an insecure job, especially when they have a mortgage to pay and children to feed at home. This is why job insecurity is another extremely common reason why people resign from their job – if they feel that the company is heading towards bankruptcy, they will leave it without looking back.

1. The Job Is Not Entertaining Enough!

Dull and boring jobs are horrible and totally unattractive, especially when you spend eight or more hours at the office, five days out of seven. If the job is not entertaining enough, employees tend to get lazy and to search for other job opportunities that make them come to work with pleasure and excitement, rather than to come every day at the office forced by the circumstances, knowing that they have bills to pay.

Very Interesting Facts About Tigers

Tigers are considered to be the largest cat species to roam the Earth. Beautiful and feared at the same time, tigers are known for being very dangerous – not once did it happen for these ferocious hunters to kill human beings who were not careful enough. If you are passionate about tigers, then here you will find several interesting facts that you should know about them:

10. These Felines Come In Many Different Colors

Although you may be tempted to think that all tigers come in the typical orange and black coloration, their color can actually vary from white and gold to even black, in some cases. This has something to do with the hair color genes.

9. Tigers Can Eat Up To 25 Kilograms Of Meat Per Day

Tigers are big cats and their stomachs can accommodate no less than 25 kilograms of meat within 12 hours. Although they seldom eat more than 5 to 10 kilograms of meat at once, they can eat up to 25 if they are really hungry, and sometimes they need several days to finish eating their prey if the kill is big enough. However, if they do not finish eating their prey, they often cover it with leaves to prevent other scavengers from feeding off of it.

8. Tigers Are Endangered Species

Unfortunately, at the time being tigers are considered to be endangered species, mainly because of the fact that hunters killed them close to extinction for their fur. At the same time, their natural habitat has been dramatically affected by human activity and this has also decreased the number of tigers around the world. Statistically speaking, there are only several thousand lions left in the wilderness, as most of them are held in captivity. Currently, their status is critically endangered as the total number of wild tigers has dropped by more than 90% over the past several years.

7. Tigers Can Mate With Lions And Produce What Is Known As A Liger

Generally speaking, tigers are solitary and territorial animals that can mate with lions and result in ligers. In a nutshell, a liger is a hybrid species that results from the mating of a female tiger with a male lion (or vice versa), a thing that is extremely rare nowadays and happens mainly in captivity rather than in the wilderness.

6. Tigers Can Weigh Up To 650 Pounds

As you may know already, some tiger subspecies are heavier than others – taking the well known Siberian tiger as an example, it must be said that the male Siberian tiger can weigh up to 650 pounds, while the female can weigh only half of the total weight of the male tiger. On the other hand, there are smaller tiger subspecies where the female weighs around 150-200 pounds and the male seldom exceeds 250 pounds.

5. White Tigers Are Extremely Rare

If you have seen a picture of a white tiger on the Internet, you have certainly asked yourself whether that picture is real or it has been Photoshopped. The answer is that white tigers do exist, in spite of being extremely rare nowadays – the white coloring of the tiger’s fur is actually a result of a rare genetic mutation that is often accompanied by severe health problems, unfortunately.

4. Unlike Cats, Tigers Actually Love And Know How To Swim!

If you own a cat or you know somebody who does, then you surely know that cats hate waters and are actually afraid of it – however, this does not apply to these large felines who not only love water, but also turn out to be great swimmers! Wild tigers often jump in lakes and rivers to relax during the hot summer days, as this is one of the few options they have to cool off. Moreover, some of them are so strong that they are even able to carry their prey through the water, all the way from one shore to the other one.

3. There Are Six Tiger Subspecies At The Moment

Although there were initially nine tiger subspecies, now we only have six: the Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger, the South China tiger, the Indo-Chinese one, the Malayan and the Sumatran tiger, the latter being one of the smallest ones.

2. Their Eyes Are Round And Big

Unlike the domestic cats which are known for their beautifully slitted eyes, the eyes of the tiger are actually big and round, and this has something to do with the nature of the tigers which are known to hunt during the night.

1. Tigers Mark Their Territory With Urine

As mentioned earlier, tigers are highly territorial animals and they try to mark their territory the best way they can, and they usually do that by scratching the trees and then using their urine, which has a very strong smell.

Greatest Leaders Of All Time

Alexander The Great lived and ruled during the 4th century BC, and he was also known as Alexander of Macedon. What makes him one of the greatest leaders of the world was the fact that he managed to expand his empire and to conquer almost half of the entire world. In spite of the fact that he had a very short life, Alexander The Great was undoubtedly a very wise and skilled leader!
Julius Caesar is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best, most skilled and highly trained military leaders of all times. He has brought his contribution to the expansion of the Roman empire, one of the greatest empires of all time.

Richest Football Clubs of World

1. Real Madrid

Placing first on this list is Real Madrid, considering the fact that they have won 64 major trophies throughout its entire career. These trophies include Spanish titles, Spanish Cups, Intercontinental Cups, UEFE Cups and European Cups. The team’s value is currently at $3.3 billion.
Winning 25 major trophies throughout its entire career, the team has a current value of $1.33 billion. It has won 13 Global titles, as well as 2 European trophies. However, the team did not bring home any trophies in the past seasons, which caused massive concern from its fans.

Winning 25 major trophies throughout its entire career, the team has a current value of $1.33 billion. It has won 13 Global titles, as well as 2 European trophies. However, the team did not bring home any trophies in the past seasons, which caused massive concern from its fans.

Greatest Scientists Of All Time

Famous all around the planet, Albert Einstein is perhaps the most respected modern scientist and physicist as he has developed the theory of relativity. In addition to this theory, Albert Einstein is also the one who has invented the well-known equation E=mc2. After he received the Nobel Prize in Physics, Einstein has started to do more research in additional fields, like mechanics, atoms, cosmology and such: he studied the thermal properties of light, the monatomic gas, the applications of quantum theories and such.
Louis Pasteur’s discoveries were extremely important for the medical field at that time, as his research helped doctors understand diseases a lot better. He is also the one that introduced the notion of pasteurization, and he is by far one of the most studied and respected scientists in the medical field, at the moment.

Top 10 Most Powerful Women In The World

Christine Lagarde is a respected politician and French lawyer who has also been the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund starting with the summer of 2011. Before that, Christine Lagarde had numerous other posts in the French Government (she was also the Minister of Economic Affairs). Currently, she is known as the first woman to ever lead the International Monetary Fund, and she is the one who replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
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